Maintaining physical fitness and proper nutrition are essential for combating illnesses, but it requires a constant effort, but fortunately there is an easier way to achieve a good health.

To make the body stay strong and able to beat all the diseases that can befall us we need a balanced, healthy diet and we have to be physically active. Since such a lifestyle requires a lot of effort, passion and sacrifice, many give up before they even start, but fortunately there are small moves that have a long term positive effect on human health.

We bring you a guide on how to be healthy with minimal effort:


Sleeping protects the heart – Norwegian study showed that people who are tired in the morning have a 27 percent greater chance of heart attack, people who wake up during the night have a 30 percent higher risk, and the risk of cardiac arrest jumps to 40 percent for individuals who have difficulties with falling asleep . Scientists believe that insomnia causes increased secretion of the stressful hormone cortisol, and it is linked with high blood pressure and diabetes, which are the main culprits of cardiovascular disease.

Proteins prevent weight gain – Numerous studies have shown that proteins keep us fuller for longer than carbohydrates and fat from an Australian study showed that foods that is rich in protein reduce caloric intake.

Eat chocolate – A recent study found that dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 37 percent and reduces the chance of stroke by 29 percent. Also, due to the high concentration of flavonoids, powerful antioxidants, chocolate has a positive effect on blood circulation and enhances blood flow to the brain.


Red wine Prevent colds – The active ingredients in red wine, resveratrol and other polyphenols, slow down the division of bacteria and viruses in our body and thus prevent a cold or flu to develop. If you are not a fan of red wine, the same beneficial ingredients can be found in grapes and peanuts.

Enjoy in spices – Numerous studies have shown that our spices can provide decent protection against a variety of diseases, and curcumin, a powerful antioxidant in curry, is one of the strongest fighters against cancer. Curcumin is connected to the prophylaxis of diabetes, Alzheimer’s protection, mitigation of the pain of arthritis and the destruction of cancer cells and colon throat.

Treat yourself with massage – Survey of American scientists and physicians showed that 45-minute massage results in a significant jump in the number of lymphocytes, defense cells in the blood that produce antibodies. Also, massage reduces the concentration of harmful substances which are responsible for inflammatory processes, causing allergies and asthma, as well as hormones associated with stress.


Smile – Look at the face of a loved one that adorns a sincere smile in the brain causes the same reaction as the realization that we have to have won 200 thousand dollars. Another study has shown that people who are often smiling live, on average, seven years longer.